Day 3 at Homeschool Family Camp

The weather is a little cooler today and overcast. 

The day is starting with pancakes and sausage and fruit at 8:00 (we arrived at 8:30)

K chose playing in the Eagles Nest again over the 9am activity choices. 

Another fort built and played in. 

And now, the activity K has been waiting for……

Tie Dye!!!

We are off to make more shirts like this;

Check back next week to see how they turned out. 

The statics course was next on the agenda. 

K was Not impressed…

But I had fun while K watched. ūüėČ


Lunch time!

Grilled cheese today. 

Off to the Eagles Nest. Again…

Caelan finally reached  his people limit.  So we are going to the cabin for a little down time. 

Time to catch another ride on the pontoon boat  

Dinner time!

Chicken and baked potatoes 

Guess what K opted to do?  Play in the Eagles Nest!


A little time was spent at the campfire before heading to the cabin for bed. 

Day 2 at Homeschool Family Camp

KOC¬†This is truly a great place to visit!! They are so good with special needs kids. There are so many options it’s hard at the end of the day to choose a favorite. ¬†I asked K what his favorite activity today was. He said “mom, I don’t even remember everything we did today!” ¬†Let’s look at the pictures together. ¬†Let me know which would be your favorite.

Breakfast served at 8:00

Then painting flower pots and rocks.

My flower pot.

Morning paddle boat ride.

K in the paddle boat

Found some turtles.

Lunch time!

The staff here are so great! The let me set up a spot in the Dining room to set up a little display for The Canadian Homeschool minute!!

Here is the flyer that goes with it.  Just click on the links to sign up and receive your free gifts!


K chose to go on the pontoon boat ride.

K and a bunch of the kids played in the sand for quite a while but the camera battery died ūüė≥

Afternoon paddle boat ride.


K played in the “Eagles Nest” until it was time for the camp fire and play ground.
Then bed. We are so tired. ūüėī

K and Mom back at Camp

Here we are at Kinark outdoor Center, again!  This is the second time for me and the third time go K this season already!!  Last month we were here with our friends from our Northumberland Family Autism network group and our ABA group. KOC is a great facility with nice staff and lots of fun activities 

K was excited to see we are in the cabin next door to the one we were in last visit and we were both surprised to see our name nest to the door!

This is the inside set up with the beds made ūüėČ

K’s bed

Busker Fest = Busy Day

Busy, Busy, Busy….

Starting off with helping Daynen set up for Busker Fest this morning, today was just one of those crazy Mom days!  If you are a Mom, you KNOW what I mean!!

B and K stayed over at their dad’s house last night so they could spend a bit of time with him for Fathers Day weekend before he went to his trailer.

I had “the girls” (Bel and our little flower, my granddaughters) this Friday/Saturday so they could be home for Father’s Day. So with the 2 little girls in tow we headed to Beautiful Downtown Cobourg for Busker Fest !

At 10:30 B met us at the Novelty Trades Booth to help out her brother and bring me K.

Then K, Bel and Flower rushed home to grab a gift to take to a friends Birthday party.  It was super fun and the kids had a great time!

Except maybe the part when they opened their goody bags after treats, cupcakes and Sponge Bob cake (which was really well done by the Birthday Boy’s mom by the way) and showed me they each got a bag of candy… Thanks Val.

At this point K was cooked… he was complaining he had a headache so he laid down for a nap for an hour.

Then back to Busker Fest for the last couple hours.

We saw a couple of really great shows!

Image result for red trouser show                           _06P5469.jpg

                                                                                              Bex in Motion



That’s all for tonight. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Tomorrow will be another busy day getting ready for Camp!

Cobourg Busker & Art Festival

So I had a wonderful time at the Cobourg Busker & Art Festival today, and was able to roll out some new products.

Such as a few Top Arenas:

As well as some Bottle Stoppers:

I’ll be making¬†detailed posts about some of these, but lets have a look at some of the really cool ones:

These two above are made with golf balls, I plan to offer for people get them custom, a bring your own golf ball kind of thing.

Looks like a mushroom, nuff said.

I made two of these out of pencil crayons, this I will go in to detail in another post.

This one looks like a gear shift.

Now this one is doubly cool, not only is it made out of somebody’s Christmas tree from a few years ago, it also is a corkscrew! ¬†More on that to come.


As I said in the beginning, I really enjoyed my time at the Cobourg Busker & Art Festival, and I look forwarded to hearing from some of the people I met there!




Homeschool Track and Field day

Monday this week K competed in his very first track and field Meet!

Hosted and organized by OCHEC, there were homeschooled kids from all over Ontario.

I had pretty much never been to an event like this before and really had no idea what he was doing. ¬† Not surprising seeing as he only attended under duress. ¬†He didn’t want to because new things are hard for him. ¬† So I basically bribed him. ¬†I admit it.

Playmobil is his currency right now…. so a couple months ago when registration for the track meet was offered K and I picked up some second hand playmobil sets and put them in the shed. ¬†We agreed he could have them if he attended and participated in the events at the meet.

Not only did he participate… he earned a couple ribbons!!

I’m so proud of him!

New business cards! Also, business card holders.

So this week my Mom and I both got new business cards to go along with the new site!


Of¬†course I had to make a¬†business card holder, So¬†introducing the¬†business card holder mark.2! ¬†Made out of 1/8″ thick Maple with copper pins and finished with my beeswax polish, it works so far so good.

I’ll keep you updated ūüėČ