Day 3 at Homeschool Family Camp

The weather is a little cooler today and overcast. 

The day is starting with pancakes and sausage and fruit at 8:00 (we arrived at 8:30)

K chose playing in the Eagles Nest again over the 9am activity choices. 

Another fort built and played in. 

And now, the activity K has been waiting for……

Tie Dye!!!

We are off to make more shirts like this;

Check back next week to see how they turned out. 

The statics course was next on the agenda. 

K was Not impressed…

But I had fun while K watched. 😉


Lunch time!

Grilled cheese today. 

Off to the Eagles Nest. Again…

Caelan finally reached  his people limit.  So we are going to the cabin for a little down time. 

Time to catch another ride on the pontoon boat  

Dinner time!

Chicken and baked potatoes 

Guess what K opted to do?  Play in the Eagles Nest!

A little time was spent at the campfire before heading to the cabin for bed. 

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