Fun at Milltown mini golf in Peterborough!

July 25 2017

Took the littles out for a fun afternoon. A, B and K with Bel and flower!

Milltown is closing after this season so if you want to visit don’t wait.

With 6 of us 1 round of golf took a rather long time. 😂

After the game the older girls went to the mall and then the fun really started!

The littles at Milltown

First the Abandoned mine shaft to collect treasures of precious stones and crystals.

Next; Panning for gold and gems!
Look what we found!!

Treasure Hunting with a metal detector to find old coins buried in the sand was the last stop.

We make a great team!!

Look how many we found!

Thank you Milltown for the fun afternoon!!

B leaves for 2 weeks at Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Organized by Operation Wallacia, she will be living on a riverboat learning about the wild live on the area and how to conserve them.

In the car on the way to the airport.

B & D on their phones at the airport

B attempting to check in at the terminals

Her seat assignment

Only the seat assignment worked and she had to stand in the regular line anyway…

In the second line

There she goes…

High school Graduation!!

My sweet daughter, B, has graduated!!! 

June 28, 2017!!

Two school years ago at age 16, she started her first day in public school part time at CCI.   4 semesters later she has graduated with a Specialist High Skills Major in the health and wellness area of study!  She worked very hard and was serious about her classes. 

We are so proud of her!!

The Cobourg Farmers Market. Also, Magic Wands.

Hey everyone,
Back at the Cobourg Farmers Market today, and I’ve got something new!

Wands, comes with a neat charm for the end.

Of course as well as the wands aimed at kids, I had to make a really cool one as well.

Look forward to a more in depth post for the wands soon.

I will back at the Market on the 29th, and hope to see you there.


Wilderness Camp. Family style: part 2

This trip was truly about spending time together as a family.

K was the first one up each morning, naturally.   He gathered kindling and lit the fire with his tinder kit. To get it going for breakfast.

Burgers and Corn for dinner.

D and B planned the wilderness camp very well.  They chose the site and packed all the bedding and tent. They planned and organized all the meals.  They did a fabulous job!

Our home for four days



We quickly got into a daily rhythm;

We would have oatmeal and tea for breakfast.

Then we would all tend the fire and work at preparing meals.

Everything was cooked over the fire.





D spent the morning of the first day building a tripod to put over the fire so we could hang the kettle and the cook pot over the stove.

Then he worked on carving us a flipper for the burgers and a ladle for the soup out of nice hardwood.


The tripod has a really practical double hook affair that could be raised or lowered to control the amount of heat for cooking.



While we were cooking or carving or tending the fire B was reading to us from a Neil Gaiman novel.  It was quite nice. Even when she needed to pause for a few seconds to rework the story a bit to make it appropriate to read to her little brother.


Even the puppy lay down to listen,

Wilderness camping ⛺️ family style

What an adventure 😀

Wednesday June 21 to Sunday June 25. 

Halliburton highlands water trails park 

By time we all met up at the parking lot next to the boat launch it was getting dark.  


VERY, VERY buggy. Tons of mosquitos. Yuck. 😜

K and I had stopped at the grocery store for snacks but B and D had planned all the meals.  First the canoe came off the van. Then we had to quickly go through everything while under attack from the swarms. 

So we all piled in the canoe and headed towards the campsite. 

Out on the water was very beautiful.  The water was completely smooth.  All along the lake the shore was reflected in the water perfectly.  I wish I could’ve taken pictures to share with you how absolutely stunning it was. 

It looked very much like this;

I think we learned going to a campsite we had never been to before in the dark was not the best plan… 

Maybe it was the stunningly beautiful scenery or maybe we were just tired, but We took a couple detours before we found our site. 

Once we found the right area D landed us at the right campsite the first time.  Because he is just that good. 👍🏻

B and I were left at the campsite with the tent, two chairs, K’s survival kit and the dog. While the boys went back to the car for another load of gear. 

In the dark. Oh yeah. We did have a couple hand flashlights to get the tent set up. 

Next we had to scrounge around in the dark looking for kindling and wood to light a fire.  At ’tis point we realized we had no matches or lighters.  Just K’s tinder kit….

It took a bit but we eventually got it going. 

Our signal fire.

We had to keep getting dried pine needles and small twigs to keep it going until 1:30 when the boys finally got back to us with the bedding and the rest of the camping gear.  

Apparently finding the boat launch went as well as finding the campsite. They paddled along the shoreline until they found it. 🛶🗺

D found some more wood and we had some oatmeal and went to bed. 

So tired. 

Day 4 (last day) Homeschool Family Camp

Breakfast 🍳 at 8:30 

Then back to the cabin to pack up to be out of the cabin by 10:30

Then back to the Eagles Nest for the last little while of friend time. 

And a little hula hoop skills lol!

One by one all the other families and even the staff left…. until we were pretty much alone at camp. Just having some down time in the cleaned up Eagles Nest watching a movie. 

Waiting for D & B to meet us to start on our next big adventure. 

Wilderness camping!!

Bye Kinark