The 49th Annual Cobourg Sidewalk Sale

I had a great time at the Sidewalk Sale in downtown Cobourg this year, and met a lot of really cool people!

My setup!

And a great big thanks goes out to Dave Howard for letting me have his really cool decorative axes and his truly stunning blacksmithed flowers!

Dave Howard’s truly stunning  blacksmithed flowers!

Of course, I made some neat new things for my tables;


And at rest.


Some new tops.










Some new earrings.




A few different toys.










And a couple of Swoosh Bag for when the kids are done playing.

Some leather business card sleeves and wood business card displays.

And a few Hat Pins.

I have to say that it was my busiest show yet!

And I hope to see you at my next show 🙂




Look who B met in a restaurant in Iquitos!!

Comment below if you know who this is 😉

B walked right up to him and asked him "Are you __________ __________ from ________?"

He ended up joining B and her friends at their table and paying for all the girls meals!

B was so excited she called A and I while we were at the restaurant having her birthday dinner! She was screaming. It was so funny!!

College tour

July 20, Perth

Went with D tour Algonquin college Perth campus.

D has wanted to take the Heritage Carpentry program for a couple of years now. In fact, this program is the reason he is even considering attending college.

The people we met were very nice. They answered all our questions. D even got a free tshirt!

After the tour we spent some time walking around Perth. It is a very pretty town.