Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

Last month was super busy for us here at Novelty Trades. (and for our family!)

I had grand plans to blog as it was all happening…. but, well, I didn’t.  So I will do it now.

In late October we left for a road trip to Utah.

Daynen is finally got his mission call! We sort of… the YCSM coordinator let us know he had an assignment lined up. Daynen could start at Learning furniture building at Deseret Manufacturing on the 25th of October!

It had been such a long road to get to this point, 2 1/2 years long. That we actually weren’t really prepared to leave right away… but we did!

The reason for the delay being so long was, well, us, actually. We are not the kind of family content to just do the easy or “normal” stuff in life.

Daynen found this opportunity to serve others with his talents and decided it was a really good fit for him. So what if it was a pilot project? So what if it wasn’t actually offered in Ontario Canada where we live? It was just that much more of a challenge!

Our poor local church leaders got stretched pretty far to make this happen but they stepped up!

Daynen has been at his assignment for 5 weeks already!

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