Monthly Archive: January 2018

Tune into CBC radio Monday morning!

I’m going to be interviewed live on the Ontario Morning show with Wei Chen! Surprisingly, I’ll be talking about homeschooling. Specifically about homeschooling in Northumberland county. Tune in to listen live to support me. Or go to ; Click…
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Making The Improved Bushcraft Possibles Belt Pouch.

In this post I will be going over how I made this bushcraft possibles belt pouch. For this belt pouch I used 100% reclaimed leather. The first step, as with everything, is to make a pattern. Next is to cut it out…
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My Prototype Belt Pouch, And What I Keep In It.

Today we’ll have a look at my prototype belt pouch which I have worn every day for over a year and a half. First off let’s take look at the loop closure. You can see the quick stamping I did to give it…
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Broken vehicle adventures are coming to an end!! I Hope.

A couple days after Boxing Day I went out to start my van and the weirdest thing happened.  I turned the key and it clicked and honked!  I tried it a few more times until it started acting Really strange. …
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Making the mini belt pouch.

So I forgot to take any pictures of cutting it out or punching the holes, but there’s not much to see with that anyways. My first step was to sew the belt loop on. I started out with a bit of…
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A leather checkers pouch!

Ok, so  for the second leather game pouch I went for a game everyone knows: Checkers! For this one I chose black and frosted stones. And of course, the best part is that it’s a little self contained pouch!      …
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