Switching tracks, from wood to leather.

So as some of you may know, I have moved down to Utah for a year and a half for a mission trip. I had planned to put the business on hold until I got back, but man, I failed…
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Homeschooling Across Canada’s Victoria Day Contest

The Canadian Homeschool Minute is a “weekly E-Newsletter for anyone homeschooling or considering starting. It’s brief yet packed with a powerful dose of encouragement to keep you going strong in your commitment to your family and to the Lord.” form The…
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Teaching the Challenging Child

(This article first appeared in The Canadian Homeschool Minute July 5, 2017)   Have you ever had to deal with that kid who no matter what you do seems to just balk at everything? Have you both ended up in tears…
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Broken vehicle adventures are coming to an end!! I Hope.

A couple days after Boxing Day I went out to start my van and the weirdest thing happened.  I turned the key and it clicked and honked!  I tried it a few more times until it started acting Really strange. …
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My first video!

My first maker video! And I have to say that I’m pretty proud of it, not because it’s amazingly good or anything (it’s ok), but  because it was rather difficult for me to make. So here’s a quick video of me making…
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RibFest Cobourg

What a fun time!! 11th annual ribfest and music festival! Let’s take a quick tour; Here we are at the west entrance, one block north of the beach at the corner of Queen and McGill streets. On the right are…
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