Tafl Variants


Tafl variants (also known as Viking Chess) such as Hnefatafl, Tablut, and Brandub, that were a popular strategy games in medieval Europe, and was mentioned in several of the Norse Sagas. 

Tafl variants are played with all pieces moving any number of vacant spaces in any straight line, but not diagonally (similar to a rook in chess), pieces can “jump” the center throne but only the king can land on any of the thrones.

The defender’s objective is to move the king from the center throne to any of the corner thrones, the attacker’s objective is to capture the king, and the attacker’s move first.

All pieces except the king are captured and removed from the board if it is surrounded on two opposite sides by enemies, the king is captured when he is surrounded on all four sides by enemies, any of the 5 thrones can substitute for an enemy piece when capturing. Moving between two enemy pieces does not result in capture, and the king cannot participate in captures.

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