Nine Men’s Morris Pouches

Nine Men’s Morris is a simple strategy game dating back from Ancient Egypt, in which two players take turns placing their pieces on the game board, once all pieces are placed the players move one of their pieces per turn to any adjacent point on the board, anytime a player succeeds in placing three of their pieces in a vertical or horizontal row (forming a mill) may remove an opponent’s piece from the game, once a player has been reduced to three men he may move his piece to any vacant point on the board, and the player who reduces the opponent to two pieces  wins the game.

These leather Nine Men’s Morris game pouch are made out of 100% reclaimed leather. This Nine Men’s Morris pouch is completely self contained and extremely packable. 

Perfect for camping and traveling, or playing at home, cleanup is literally a cinch.  When you’re finished you merely make sure that all of the game pieces are on the board, cinch up the game pouch and give the leather lacing a tie to hold everything closed.

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Nine Men’s Morris Leather Game Pouch
Leather Nine Men’s Morris Game Pouch