Leather Checkers Game Pouches

Checkers, or Draughts is a strategy game dating back from the time of Ur, Ancient Egypt, and Rome, in which two players take turns moving their piece one step diagonally forward on the game board, and captures an opponent’s piece by jumping over them. Once a piece advances all the way to the other side of the board it becomes a king and can move backwards. The first one to capture all of an opponent’s pieces wins the game.

Made out of 100% reclaimed leather, these checkers pouch is completely self contained and extremely packable.  Perfect for camping and traveling, or playing at home, cleanup is literally a cinch.  When you’re finished you merely make sure that all of the game pieces are on the board, cinch up the game pouch and give the leather lacing a tie to hold everything closed.



To Buy:

Leather Checkers/Draughts Squares Game Pouch Out Of Reclaimed Leather.
Leather Checkers Game Pouch Out Of Reclaimed Leather.
Checkers Leather Square Game Pouch Out Of Reclaimed Leather.
Square Leather Checkers Game Pouch With Natural Edge Out Of Reclaimed Leather.