Day 4 (last day) Homeschool Family Camp

Breakfast 🍳 at 8:30 

Then back to the cabin to pack up to be out of the cabin by 10:30

Then back to the Eagles Nest for the last little while of friend time. 

And a little hula hoop skills lol!

One by one all the other families and even the staff left…. until we were pretty much alone at camp. Just having some down time in the cleaned up Eagles Nest watching a movie. 

Waiting for D & B to meet us to start on our next big adventure. 

Wilderness camping!!

Bye Kinark 

K and Mom back at Camp

Here we are at Kinark outdoor Center, again!  This is the second time for me and the third time go K this season already!!  Last month we were here with our friends from our Northumberland Family Autism network group and our ABA group. KOC is a great facility with nice staff and lots of fun activities 

K was excited to see we are in the cabin next door to the one we were in last visit and we were both surprised to see our name nest to the door!

This is the inside set up with the beds made 😉

K’s bed