Day 2 at Homeschool Family Camp

KOC This is truly a great place to visit!! They are so good with special needs kids. There are so many options it’s hard at the end of the day to choose a favorite.  I asked K what his favorite activity today was. He said “mom, I don’t even remember everything we did today!”  Let’s look at the pictures together.  Let me know which would be your favorite.

Breakfast served at 8:00

Then painting flower pots and rocks.

My flower pot.

Morning paddle boat ride.

K in the paddle boat

Found some turtles.

Lunch time!

The staff here are so great! The let me set up a spot in the Dining room to set up a little display for The Canadian Homeschool minute!!

Here is the flyer that goes with it.  Just click on the links to sign up and receive your free gifts!


K chose to go on the pontoon boat ride.

K and a bunch of the kids played in the sand for quite a while but the camera battery died 😳

Afternoon paddle boat ride.


K played in the “Eagles Nest” until it was time for the camp fire and play ground.
Then bed. We are so tired. 😴